Corporate Social Responsibilty

Our well dedicated staff took a pledge since its first year of operation in the industry to always come forward for community services and corporate social responsibility.

Our previous CSR projects include gift contributions to SOS Children’s Villages Beau-Bassin, Mauritius, a leading child care Non-Governmental Organisation which provides long-term care to needy children, and gift of school materials to underprivileged children in the Region of Chemin Grenier, Mauritius, through the APEDED (Association Pour l'Education Pour les Enfants Defavorises).

The trail does not end here and our team has committed to remain on this path each and every single year, because as a Group we firmly believe that every successful company has a duty to contribute to the society and provide support to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

We are of the belief that serving the Community at large when and where possible is not only fundamental to running business successfully but forms part of our individual responsibilities as Mauritians citizens.


CSR 2016

Morisyen San Frontyer Charitable Trust ("MSF") is a fully independent NGO, which main objective is to help Mauritian children victim of violence, sexual abuse, illiteracy or ill-health. In January 2015, MSF implemented a comprehensive social project which has not only helped to alleviate poverty in the area of Baie Du Tombeau but has also aimed to increase confidence and empower women. The project has catered for some very critical needs of the community of Baie du Tombeau. The After School Programme for some 90 children and young people of Baie du Tombeau formed part of this comprehensive social project, and was designed and tailor-made to suit youth interests, needs and schedules, as well as provide them with a wide variety of enriching opportunities to be exposed to new ideas, activities, challenges and people. French club, arts club, music, tennis academy and football academy, all provided by the After School Programme of Baie du Tombeau, have been very successful and MSF has noticed regular attendance to these activities since 2015 by children of the area.

In 2016, the SAFYR UTILIS team has been very proud to contribute, through its annual CSR fund, to finance the After School Programme of Baie du Tombeau of the MSF.


In 2016, SAFYR UTILIS created the SAFYR UTILIS FOUNDATION, with the sole aim of contributing to the alleviation of poverty in Mauritius and making a difference in the society.

The first project of the SAFYR UTILIS FOUNDATION was the launching of an After School Program for around 70 children of Cite Loyseau, fully financed by the Foundation, which started on the 9th January 2017.

On the 13th January 2017, the SAFYR UTILIS FOUNDATION also initiated its monthly engagement with the Association Lumiere d'Esperance, which provides dinner to around 80 homeless people of the Beau-Bassin region.