Doing Business in Mauritius


What to Expect When Doing Business in Mauritius

Those looking to invest in Mauritius should consider the following potential challenges:

Setting up a company

There are no off-the-shelf companies in Mauritius, so each company must be newly incorporated. SAFYR UTILIS will take care of incorporation which is a well defined and established process. Depending on the nature the business, licensing by the FSC usually takes around-3 weeks to complete.

Immovable Property transactions

There is an array of schemes administered by the Economic Development Board for foreigners to own real estate in Mauritius. These schemes are regularly reviewed to ensure that these remain globally competitive.

FAQs About Investing in Mauritius

There are many schemes  that foreigners can buy into, some of which offer permanent residency for investments over $375,000. The Property Development Scheme (PDS), the old IRS and RES developments  offer permanent residency as a benefit, and now the benefit is extended to apartments that are at least Ground plus 2 levels, as long as the cost of the residence is at least $375,000.

There is no requirement to live in Mauritius to operate a business from there. However, in order to benefit the most favourable tax rate on certain type of income, a company should meet the substance requirements such as having an office, employing an adequate number of persons and incurring minimum expenditure proportionate to its level of activities. The persons could be either employed directly or indirectly and they should be qualified to conduct the core business activities in Mauritius. Why is Mauritius an attractive destination for offshore investments? Mauritius is becoming increasingly popular with investors from around the world. The financial and administrative services are among the best in the world, and offshore companies’ legal and tax regimes are desirable. Global Business Companies formed in Mauritius enjoy many benefits and privileges.

Are you moving to Mauritius or looking for investment opportunities? Safyr Utilis is the perfect partner for companies and investors looking for opportunities in Mauritius. We are experts in helping our clients relocate assets to Mauritius and can find a customised solution for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your investment goals.