How to open a business in Mauritius and become a resident in three months

Does opening your own business and settling with your family on a tropical island seem out of reach? It doesn’t have to be. For Cedric Greenwood, establishing a financial services company and settling with his family in Mauritius took just three months. With the help of Safyr Utilis. 

It all started with a dream

With their children out of school, Cedric and his partner were looking for a more flexible lifestyle. To work and live in Mauritius, where many of Cedric’s clients are based, seemed like an unattainable dream. Not only did Cedric and his partner need the appropriate  visas, but Cedric also needed assistance to help his clients establish an offshore presence in Mauritius and to access funding to expand operations in Africa.

Why Safyr Utilis? 

Cedric had used Safyr Utilis to help his clients establish an offshore presence in Mauritius, and he was very impressed by their service. 

“When I needed to help my clients establish an offshore presence, Safyr Utilis proved to be the ideal partner. A particular client in the technology sector was offered the opportunity to provide their services to a leading energy brand with service stations in Mauritius, and its new location on the island will now serve as a launching point for product distribution in Africa. An important factor in my decision to engage Safyr Utilis was the access to funding provided by Safyr Capital,” says Cedric. 

How did Safyr Utilis make Cedric’s dreams happen? 

This is how the team at Safyr Utilis helped Cedric achieve his goals. They: 

  • sourced a new consulting business in Mauritius: Flywheel Trade and Investments;
  • applied for and obtained a self-employed occupational visa for Cedric and his partner, allowing them to work and live in Mauritius legally;
  • helped Cedric’s clients establish an offshore presence in Mauritius; and
  • offered Cedric access to funds provided by Safyr Capital Partners.

“I had to do very little during this process, which only took three months. I enjoyed working with them. Safyr Utilis are thorough and bring more to the table than just being good administrators. They proactively seek other deals for you, and some opportunities stem from their relationships and deal flow. Not all management companies can open doors like this,” says Cedric. 

The nuts, bolts and benefits 

To be able to work and live in Mauritius, Cedric has to spend at least 183 days a year outside South Africa. 

The benefits of living and working in Mauritius? 

New work opportunities, tax benefits, and, best of all: Cedric now gets to dive two or three times a week. “That’s the beauty of Mauritius: the ease of doing business, the relatively similar time zones, the direct flights from South Africa and the great lifestyle it offers,” he says.

A few first-hand tips from Cedric

From experience, Cedric suggests the following for anyone wanting to move to Mauritius: 

– Get your paperwork in order. Getting hold of a certified copy of my degree to replace the one I lost and obtaining an unabridged birth certificate from Home Affairs were the two things that delayed my visa application.

– Be prepared to travel to Mauritius at least twice. You must be present for certain parts of the process, such as the medical exams.

– Rent before you buy. We rent an apartment on a short-term basis. I am not ready to invest in a property in Mauritius, and this arrangement works very well for us.

Want to relocate your business to Mauritius? 

Are you ready to move your business to Mauritius? Safyr Utilis is the perfect partner for this, as we have already helped countless clients establish and broaden their international operations. We are renowned in the industry, and our highly experienced team can provide all the advice necessary to get your plans in motion. To learn more about how we can assist you on your journey to Mauritius, don’t hesitate – get in touch with us now!