Offshoring to Mauritius: Unlocking Opportunities and Safeguarding Wealth

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, understanding the offshoring potential is essential. Our recent webinar seamlessly blended insights and actionable steps to navigate the vibrant nexus between South Africa and Mauritius.

Here’s why tuning into this Safyr Utilis webinar is a must:

🔸 Maximise Wealth Potential: Understand the strategies to grow and protect your assets.

🔸 Strategic Residency Options: Mauritius isn’t just a great place to live, it also offers a broad range of investment opportunities . Learn how to leverage this.

🔸 Mitigate Risks: Foresee challenges and counter them with informed decisions.

🔸 Effortless Transition: Master the nuances of Rand to dollar transitions and other key operational shifts.

🔸 Expert Guidance: Gain insights from industry leaders with proven track records.

Session Spotlights:

Sasha Mussett, Head of BD at Safyr Utilis: Sasha unpacked the essentials of offshore investing, revealing that a Mauritius residency doesn’t only hinge on property ownership! She delved into tax landscapes, currency shifts, and the allure of Mauritian income opportunities.

Gugu Sidaki, Wealth Manager at Wealth Creed: Beyond its scenic vistas, Mauritius emerges as a strategic pivot. Gugu elaborated on its appeal and the nuances of selecting offshore advisors.

Shawn Thompson, Director at Safyr Utilis:. Shawn painted a vivid picture of Mauritius’s financial robustness having lived there for over 14 years.

Lisa Czepek, Director of Private Clients at Henley & Partners: From investments to business ventures, Lisa unraveled the myriad pathways to Mauritian residency.

Andrew Wellsted, Partner at Osborn Wellsted Paulsen: Balancing operations in Mauritius and South Africa? Andrew emphasized crafting a cohesive strategy for dual success.

Want the full scoop? Dive deeper into these enlightening discussions from industry trailblazers. Watch the complete webinar here.

What are the common concerns of South African clients looking to offshore wealth to Mauritius?

Many clients express concerns about the overwhelming amount of information available online and its legitimacy. They want assurance the advisor can evaluate the potential benefits and risks of investing offshore. Common questions include the possibility of running a parallel business between Mauritius and South Africa, the need to buy property in Mauritius to gain residency, unforeseen tax circumstances, and the transition from Rand-based to a hard currency base. They also seek assurance on the protection of their future income in Mauritius and the support they’ll receive from their chosen advisory or management company.

What should South Africans consider when selecting a wealth management partner?

It’s crucial to ensure the advisor is licensed with relevant authorities and qualified to advise on offshore investing. It’s also vital to understand who the advisor is partnering with concerning tax, legal advice, and structuring to ensure they can provide a comprehensive solution.

Is Mauritius a favoured destination for South African offshore investors?

Yes, Mauritius is popular among South African investors, not just for its financial opportunities, but also its proximity and picturesque beaches.

What can South Africans anticipate from the Mauritian financial landscape?

Mauritius boasts stable macroeconomic stats with consistent GDP growth and managed inflation rates. While some South Africans actively participate in the domestic economy, most use Mauritius as a platform to grow their wealth or as a base for business expansion into Africa and Asia.

What options do South Africans have to gain residency in Mauritius through investment?

Options include real estate investment, which grants residency rights upon investing US$375,000. There are also options for retirement and starting a business. It’s essential to have a trustworthy advisor to guide through these options, especially for high-net-worth individuals looking to relocate their families for safety while maintaining business ties in South Africa.

How can one set up offshore operations in Mauritius while still running a business in South Africa?

Establishing offshore operations requires a clear strategy and understanding of one’s goals, whether it’s to start a new business or shift assets. Planning for ownership and estate is a long-term endeavour that demands the right structure and advice. This process has various tax implications, and it’s crucial to have a support system to guide through the steps.

How robust is the market in Mauritius for raising capital for growth and expansion?

The domestic economy of Mauritius is dynamic with an active stock exchange relative to its size. However, raising offshore capital in hard currencies is still growing. On the private equity side, many family offices are domiciled in Mauritius.

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