Offshoring to Mauritius: Unlocking Opportunities and Safeguarding Wealth

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In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, understanding the offshoring potential is essential. Our recent webinar seamlessly blended insights and actionable steps to navigate the vibrant nexus between South Africa and Mauritius. Here’s why tuning into this Safyr Utilis webinar is a must: 🔸 Maximise Wealth Potential: Understand the strategies to grow and protect your assets. […]

Mauritius: An Investor’s Safe Haven in an Economic Slowdown

Aerial view of the city of Port-Louis, Mauritius, Africa

The recent global economic slowdown has prompted investors to explore alternative jurisdictions for their wealth, and Mauritius has increasingly become an attractive option. Thanks to its stable political climate, strong economy, and favourable tax laws the island nation is an ideal safe haven. State of the Global Economy Facing challenges like ongoing inflation and geopolitical […]

ESG Investing in Mauritius: Promoting Sustainable Development

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In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing as individuals and organizations recognize the importance of prioritizing investments that have a positive impact on society and the world. As a result, the asset management industry has undergone a paradigm shift, and wealth management professionals need to adapt […]

Why South African swallows are choosing Mauritius

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Choosing between South Africa and Mauritius is no mean feat. Each country has its own allure and leaving home is never easy. But as a swallow, it’s not either/or – you can have the best of both. “Traditionally, the concept of the ‘swallow’ was applied to Europeans coming down to South Africa to escape the […]

What you need to know about exchange control regulations

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Exchange controls are in essence, exactly as they sound. Governmental restrictions and regulations (controls) regarding the movements of national currency, goods, and services (exchange) in and out of the country. They exist to prevent the loss of foreign currency resources, to control the movement of financial and real assets into and out of the country, […]

Why Invest Offshore? Five Questions to Ask Yourself

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Externalising funds, or choosing to invest offshore, is a perennial topic of discussion. Safeguarding your wealth and optimising your tax efficiency has long been a primary motivator for portfolio diversification abroad. More recently, the political climate, the constant load shedding, and the newly introduced grey listing have given investors more reasons to look abroad. But, […]